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Women+Power Welcomes New Financial Sponsor: Burns & McDonnell!

Women+Power is pleased to announce a new financial sponsor, Burns & McDonnell! “This sponsorship brings us one step closer to being able to provide the programs, initiatives and resources women in the electricity industry need to thrive,” said Founder and CEO, Sharleen Gatcha.

For more than 75 years, Burns & McDonnell has provided engineering services throughout Canada and is currently expanding its engineer-procure-construct capabilities across the country. Utilizing an integrated design and construction mindset, their Canadian team has worked on dozens of generation, transmission and distribution, and manufacturing projects for a range of utility and industrial clients. By leveraging knowledge, technology, and commitment of ownership, Burns & McDonnell consistently delivers safe, innovative and quality projects.

At Burns & McDonnell, they embrace the way our differences enrich the way we see the world, our business and each other. They are proud of their culture of inclusion and deeply desire to harness the strength of our diversity. They promote, share and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace through various efforts, events and communication platforms. Every employee-owners unique story and perspective is valued regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or family background. Burns & McDonnell identifies, first and foremost, as fellow owners. Among their MacCulture Principles is “One Burns & McDonnell: We respect all, are accountable to all and trust in all.”

Burns & McDonnell is proud to be a sponsor of Women+Power. “As an active member in this community, we believe we can continue to jointly develop opportunities to promote increased diversity and inclusion in the Alberta power sector and beyond,” stated Darcy Wagner, Operations Manager.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about our sponsorship with Burns & McDonnell.