Women in Alberta’s
Power Industry

About Us


Women+Power is a community developed for women of all levels of experience who work in or with Alberta’s power industry and was established to provide opportunities for members to connect with, support, inspire and recognize each other to empower women to achieve their full potential both professionally and personally.

Men working in and with the power industry are encouraged to become a part of our community and will be invited to take part in our initiatives as we work towards transformational change.

Instead of a corporate ladder that women feel they must climb alone, Women+Power is a community that will climb mountains together.

Through the power of community we believe we can work together to address the challenges that result in and from the under-representation of women in the power industry so that we can begin to develop opportunities to promote increased diversity and inclusion.

Our aim is to increase representation of women at all organizational levels. We will strive to create opportunities for and encourage discussions that get to the heart of issues that women in the power industry face in their careers and develop initiatives, programs and resources that women need to succeed in their careers so that together we can start to make a difference.


Women+Power was established to create a more diverse, inclusive power industry. We plan to achieve this by:

  1. Developing a supportive, influential and accessible community.
  2. Creating an environment where women feel empowered and have access to information, resources and services they need to succeed in their careers.
  3. Recognizing and celebrating the successes of women at all levels in the industry.
  4. Collaborating with sponsors and partners to advocate for, support and establish goals and initiatives related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Get Involved


Join as a member for access to our calendar of events, resources and a community of incredible members to grow your network, career and opportunities.


Women+Power has a dedicated Working Board but are always looking for women and men volunteers to round out our committees, help with events and spread our message.


Spread the word! Tell your colleagues about Women+Power and invite them to connect. Men are invited to be a part of our community so please don’t forget to include them!

Women+Power has a variety of options available for organizations to provide support financially and non-financially.