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Women+Power Partners With WiRE

October 23, 2020

Women+Power is proud to announce that we have partnered with Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE)!

“Women+Power is excited to collaborate with WiRE. WiRE’s mission to advance the role and recognition of women working in the energy sector is at the heart of why Women+Power was created – to provide opportunities for members to connect with, support, inspire and recognize women to empower them to achieve their full potential both professionally and personally,” says Sharleen Gatcha, Founder & CEO.

Launched in 2013, WiRE forges partnerships with government agencies and a spectrum of renewable energy industry associations, other related networking groups for professional women from across the energy sector, and academic providers.

WiRE’s mission is to advance the role and recognition of women working in the energy sector. Inclusive of all renewable energy and clean technologies, WiRE’s programming includes capacity-building field trips, networking meet-ups, an awards recognition program, student bursaries, speed mentoring and more.

In a statement provided by Joanna Osawe, President & CEO of WiRE she stated, “We look forward to partnering with Women+Power to develop opportunities to further support women working in the power sector in Alberta.”