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Sponsor Spotlight Series presented by ENMAX: Preparing our Customers, Communities & Workplaces for the Future

This event, the second in our Sponsor Spotlight Series, takes place on April 14, 2021, from 12 – 1 PM. Kara Kingston (Director of Brand and External Relations), joins Sarah Stevens (Vice President, Asset Management and Strategic Innovation) and Nicole Patey (Director, Talent Strategies & HR Business Partnering from ENMAX) to present a broad discussion on what it means to prepare for the future in the power industry.

The utility industry, like so many sectors, is facing significant transformation. Changing technologies, shifting customer expectations, and a rapidly increasing focus on climate change are bringing forward new ways of thinking.

As a regulated wires company, competitive power generator, and energy retailer, the ENMAX group of companies holds a unique perspective on these converging trends. Increasingly, we’re seeing the vital role that power companies can, and will, play. This past year, we’ve learned how important it is to be agile and not only follow the changing needs of the communities we serve, but also to plan for them in order to enable the communities of tomorrow.

Battery storage, the increased adoption of renewables, and the rise of electric vehicles are just some of the transformations we’re actively preparing for. We are also asking ourselves how we can do our part to address the environmental and social challenges of our times. As part of this adaptation, we are also looking inward at how we position our teams for success. From health and wellness to ergonomics to flexibility in where we work, we are reflecting on what we’ve learned from these unprecedented times and applying it to the future.

Watch the recap here: