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Powering change: A conversation with ENMAX Power’s Sarah Stevens


Thursday Feb 15, 12:00PM – 1:00PM

As customers continue to electrify their lives, ENMAX is adapting to their changing needs and leading the way as enablers of the energy transition with an ongoing commitment to ensure Calgary’s transmission and distribution system is safe, reliable and cost-effective.

Sarah Stevens is Vice President, Customer Relations and System Development with ENMAX Power and is at the forefront of this transition. Sarah leads a dynamic and committed team that develops plans for the transmission and distribution system in Calgary and creates innovative solutions for customers to facilitate the future of electricity. Sarah also leads customer experience and commercial management for ENMAX Power with a focus on driving value and enhancing the customer experience.

On February 15, Sarah will moderate a panel discussion with colleagues from ENMAX who lead in various disciplines. Let’s get to know Sarah in advance of our upcoming event.

Tell us a little bit about how ENMAX is approaching the energy transition. What are you focused on right now?

Over the last several years we’ve seen a growing demand from our customers for different solutions, whether it’s increased usage of electric vehicles or interest in distributed energy resources (DERs) like solar panel installations. Based on the trends we see in requests coming to ENMAX Power, customers are electrifying their lives.

To address that, we’re taking a customer-focused approach to the energy transition to determine how we can make electrification easier for those we serve and increase utilization of our existing system. It is important for us to find options to support customers while keeping affordability in mind.

What projects are you most excited about?

We have a lot of really exciting projects happening at ENMAX Power. We have started the rollout of Advanced Metering technology (AMI) which will simplify the way we read meters and provide customers with more convenience, reliability and control over managing their electricity use.

We are also looking at improvements in the way we communicate with customers. Whether it’s initiating a new DER project with us or being notified about power outages, we know being a trusted advisor through this transition period will be key and I’m excited for the initiatives we have coming.

What are some key milestones that have shaped your career? What advice would you give to other women in the energy industry?

My key career milestones all centre around taking on challenges, being bold in asking for opportunities and pushing myself into new spaces. I have had the privilege of working with amazing teams where I can contribute and drive long-term value. My career highlights are the things that I would not have “mapped out” in advance.

I have also benefited from having a strong support and development network, including those that challenge and stretch my thinking.

Tell us more about the panel you’re hosting, what can we expect to hear more about?

I am really excited to showcase the talent and leadership of these women from ENMAX. They all bring a unique perspective on the industry and how the energy transition will change our business.

Stacy Mercer is the Director of Affordability at ENMAX Energy, ENMAX’s generation and retail business, and can provide insights into how we support customers. She is at the centre of key programs launched to support affordability for customers struggling with costs and works with a skilled team on new product offerings.

Alyssa Howland is project manager for ENMAX Power’s largest infrastructure project to date, the replacement of Calgary’s Substation No. 1, originally built in 1912. Construction of this project has a great customer impact and will serve Calgarians with safe, reliable power for decades to come.

Ravi Parhar is Vice President, Legal and Compliance with ENMAX and has a great understanding of what our company will need in terms of skills and capabilities to move us through the transition smoothly. Technology will be the answer to many of our needs as we prepare the grid through the transition.

Audrey Arnal with our information technology/operational technology project management office will be able to shed light on what that looks like and how we can accelerate and amplify impact through technology. I’m looking forward to this discussion and connecting with the Women + Power community.

Please join us for the online virtual panel discussion happening February 15, 2024 at 12:00pm MST. Hear from Sarah and other industry-leading women who will share how they’ve navigated their careers, and learn about the paths they are carving through the energy transition. Click HERE to register.