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Post-Event Summary: Behind the Doors of the AUC

Featuring Carolyn Dahl Rees, Chair of the AUC, and AUC Commissioners and staff

Thank you to everyone who attended our Educational Networking Event + Wine & Cheese, Behind the Doors of the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Hearing Room, on September 28. The event provided a ’sneak peek’ into the hearing process and featured Carolyn Dahl Rees, Chair of the AUC, and AUC Commissioners and staff. The event was open to members only and sold out quickly. Participants enjoyed a networking session with presenters following the formal presentation.

W+P would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Commission Chair Carolyn Dahl Rees for making this event a reality, Laura-Marie Berg for moderating the discussion, and Commissioners Vera Slawinski, Renee Marx, Laura Fukuda, Salma Karim, and Kristi Sebalj for sharing about their experiences as Commissioners.

Here are some of the comments we received following the event:

It was interesting to see the different aspects of the hearing process. I particularly liked how the commissioners talked about authenticity in the hearings.

Great tips and tricks from the Commissioners about participating in a proceeding. I think my team members gained some comfort with the AUC process and space.

As a regulatory professional, it was very helpful to hear exactly what the Commissioners are looking for from applicants/interveners.

This event was fantastic! It was great to hear about some of the changes the AUC implemented to improve efficiency and some of the dos and donts during a hearing. Great insights on what makes for a more efficient and compelling case.

It was great to hear AUC Commissioners and staff speak candidly about the application and hearing process.

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