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Maskwa Environmental Consulting Ltd.

Maskwa Environmental Consulting Ltd.

Maskwa Environmental Consulting Ltd. and Maskwa High Voltage Ltd. (Maskwa) are based in Calgary, Alberta and provide professional consulting services to power-sector clients in western Canada. The combined solutions offered by these organizations include regulatory strategy development and implementation, planning and permitting, environmental, and GIS services, and comprehensive engineering services focussed on the design and execution of high voltage power and transmission projects.

While Maskwa has seen significant success and growth over the past few years, their leadership team is committed to ongoing improvement and exploring ways to create a corporate culture that fosters continued, profitable growth. They acknowledge that this is likely to require multiple initiatives working in concert versus any single initiative alone. However, one of the more salient, recent actions they have undertaken has been to encourage diversity and inclusion in their workplace. One of the ways this is being done is by supporting Women+Power and their aim of empowering women in the power industry to achieve their full professional and personal potential.

We recognize that the desire to have increased inclusivity and diversity in the workplace is not unique to Maskwa. We also believe that our commitment to this overall initiative, and the support of Women+Power, will at least contribute to the larger movement driving for transformational change to create a more diverse and inclusive power industry in Alberta. Success here will have positive outcomes for our staff, for our overall company performance, and for our industry

Vice President, Maskwa

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