Supporting Transformational Change




We are thrilled to announce that ENMAX has renewed their financial sponsorship for 2022! In addition to renewing their sponsorship commitment, they have also upgraded from a Kilowatt level sponsor to a Megawatt level sponsor. Thank you for your generosity, ENMAX!

ENMAX is a diverse electricity and energy services company involved across all areas of the electricity value chain. ENMAX Power Corporation owns and operates transmission and distribution infrastructure in Calgary, and ENMAX Energy Corporation owns various generation facilities throughout Alberta. Through its subsidiaries, ENMAX offers a range of innovative energy solutions to more than 674,800 customers across Alberta including electricity, gas, renewable energy and other services.

ENMAX is proud to be a financial sponsor of Women+Power. Together, we can remove barriers and advance inclusivity and diversity in our sector by empowering women and creating opportunities for support, connection and representation.

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