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Energizing The Industry. Capital Power recently expanded its Executive Team. Meet May Wong and Pauline McLean.

Capital Power recently expanded its Executive Team to support its journey to create clean, reliable, and affordable power generation across North America for communities to prosper and thrive. May Wong and Pauline McLean are two of the leading women now bringing their dynamic energy to Capital Power’s C-suite as the company powers towards net zero by 2045.

May Wong leads the development and execution of Capital Power’s corporate strategy and direction, including the long-term planning process, as Senior Vice President of Strategy, Planning & Sustainability. She’s built a reputation for excellence at Capital Power, with leadership roles in strategy, forecasting and sustainability.

With over 20 years of electricity industry experience, May is pivotal to the multi-national power producers’ decarbonization journey. She guides current and emerging technologies and assesses, explores, and develops other strategic growth initiatives that align with corporate goals.

As an acting member of the Energy Futures Lab’s Partners Council, May also shares her expertise to support the acceleration of Canada’s energy transition. As an advocate for women in energy, she proudly held a mentorship role with The Prosperity Project’s Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program that focuses on educating, enabling, and empowering self-identifying women to advance in their careers.

As Senior Vice President of External Relations and Chief Legal Officer, Pauline McLean leads Capital Power’s legal, regulatory, corporate compliance, and external relations functions. Pauline’s team guides decisions, promotes ethics and accountability, cultivates relationships with government and industry decision-makers, fosters strong relationships within the company’s operating communities, and tells Capital Power’s story – and it’s an inspiring story to tell!

Before Capital Power, Pauline excelled for 14 years with the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), leading teams through the successful execution of greenfield initiatives, including programs to incent renewable electricity and new business models to procure and finance transmission infrastructure. Before joining the energy industry, Pauline practiced corporate and commercial law at a national firm.

Pauline is an outdoor enthusiast, former scientist, and active community member who contributes her time to the Nature Conservancy Canada and the Alberta Science Network boards.

Pauline and May’s leadership roles at Capital Power aren’t a rarity; 40% of its Board of Directors and 44% of its Executive Team are women. Capital Power is a proud advocate for workplace diversity and understands greater representation of women in energy and leadership helps power a sustainable future for people and planet.