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EmPOWERment Hub October Entry: The Reason You Walk – A Memoir

Post Author: Elaina Eifler, Women+Power Board Member & Chair, Events and Programs
Book Author: Wab Kinew

Wab Kinew was named by the National Post as “an Aboriginal leader seeking to engage with Canadians at large”. The Reason You Walk is a moving father-son reconciliation told by a charismatic First Nations broadcaster, musician, and activist. Wab opens up in this book and shares personal details about his life, struggles and successes.

I committed to reading books by Indigenous authors to educate myself and to create common ground in an effort to address my biases.  I connected with this book because our family also struggles and fails – these are human experiences. The more we can connect as human beings the more we move towards reconciliation.

Learning more about the Sundance was a highlight. Wab explains, “If you were to enter the centre of the Sundance circle, then you would understand the beauty of what happens there. The shake of the cottonwood trees in the breeze, the swing and sway of prayer flags of every colour tied to the branches, the chorus of cicadas singing a perfect soundtrack for the sweltering heat, and the feeling of hundreds of supporters standing on the edge of the circle watching you”. This sacred tradition is so deeply moving and important. I am inspired to reflect on my own cultural traditions to determine which ones have this kind of deep meaning and significance in my life. I expect this gift will bring me closer to my truth, my family and myself.

I encourage everyone to read this book.  You will laugh, cry, reflect, connect and be given the gift of curiosity to learn more about yourself and where you come from.

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Elaina Eifler
Chair, Events and Programs | Women+Power


The Reason You Walk: A Memoir
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