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2020 Coffee Connections Challenge

November 12, 2020

What is a Coffee Challenge?

It’s simple — approach 3 new industry connections for a virtual coffee chat!

A key goal of the Women+Power community is to encourage informal connections.

What if my connection isn’t a Women+Power member?

That is totally OK! The purpose of coffee connections is to build out your personal and professional support network. So go ahead and reach out to someone new!

Do I need to track my coffee connections?

Nope, it is all on the honour system. This is about helping our members build up a strong informal community of support.

What should I say?

It’s totally up to you. You could try something like this: “Hi, I’m a new member of the Women+Power community and I’m participating in the 2020 Coffee Connection Challenge to build up my network. I’d love to connect sometime? Consider inviting your connection to join Women+Power if they haven’t already!

Tell us about your experiences!

Finally, we would love to hear about your Coffee Connections so we can share your experiences with our members. Please email for a chance to win a $25 coffee card!